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Education is a fundamental service necessary for society and is a basic human right. Traditionally, these social infrastructure services have been provided by the state and are regarded as public goods. However, the private sector in both these industries has stepped up to accelerate change and implement effective and lasting solutions.

Innovation, policy change, funding and technologies are transforming education in similar ways to healthcare and there are lessons and experiences that are mirrored between the two. The same issues of resistance to change, cultural, regulatory, access and cost exist, along with the challenges.

Hearth Education addresses some of the key challenges in the sector:


Power of the brand

In education, a strong brand brings comfort and an expectation of quality to consumers. Industry validation, academic and published materials, and evidence of results influence consumption and buy-in to a company’s brand.


For-Profit or Not-for-Profit

While social infrastructure provision is dominantly charitable and focused on providing social value, there are increasing investments in the education and healthcare sectors that can be profitable for investors and innovators, while providing social benefits and services to lower-income households. Often public sector dominance or governmental provision in a social sector, aligned with suitable regulation, allows private capital to support state provision. The overall socio-economic benefits and the effective costs to consumers can sometimes be better delivered through private provision or PPPs rather than through public sector monopolies. In some areas, however, the public provision of education and healthcare services is essential for deeper, non-fiscal outcomes, to be achieved.


How to make Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) work

The Hearth team has effectively built and supported PPPs in the education sector for decades and is using its experience in dealing with governments globally to facilitate healthcare private sector providers to work with public bodies. The PPPs allow the deployment of products and services, providing solutions that allow positive change. The private sector brings innovation, funding, and flexibility which the public sector is sometimes constrained to provide.


Building institutions and capacity

The Hearth develops innovative institutions, including schools and universities, that use creative pedagogy, interesting learning spaces, and exciting teachers to deliver high quality to the learners they serve. Further, our curriculum, training and development services enhance the delivery capacity of institutions. The Hearth has gained a growing reputation for providing advice and solutions that are effective and that enable clients to turn their ambitions into reality.


Regulatory environment

Navigating the modern policy environment requires an integrated approach and an expert understanding of the regulatory process, which is a crucial strength of our firm.



The Hearth believes that education plays a crucial role in creating a better, more sustainable world. Our work, from curriculum development and training to institutional change and creation, is underpinned by an emphasis on sustainability.


Fostering innovation

The Hearth has developed a reputation for identifying and bringing to market innovation that works. We distinguish leading education technologies that address critical areas within their systems, from unique forms of instructional delivery and online learning to data management and accountability tools. We advise investors as well as technology companies in multiple segments like strategic planning, research and development, formulating market-entry strategies, etc. The Hearth has worked with prominent investors, and we have earned a reputation for bringing new perspectives and insights to both sides of deal flows. We understand the unique nature of transactions in the education and healthcare sectors. We can draw critical strategic insights into the growth prospects of businesses, as well as enhance the operational effectiveness of the organisations.


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