Investor Insight and Transaction Advisory

Education for a Better World

Investor Insight and Transaction Advisory


The Hearth has a unique perspective and experience of education investments, due to our multidisciplinary approach and expertise. We have worked with some of the most prominent investors. Our reputation is that we bring new perspectives and insights to the industry.


Our investor team has worked on both sides of the deal flows and understands the unique nature of transactions in the education sector. We draw critical insights into the growth prospects of individual companies and business units, as well as those of the industry. We understand different education markets, from segment and size to geography and maturity. Therefore, we can discover and assist education companies and investors in awareness of market opportunities, diligence and deal closure.


The Hearth provides services that include:

  • Overall portfolio analysis
  • Advice and counsel on the strengths and weakness of the sector
  • Insight and analysis of market opportunities internationally
  • Unique access to investment opportunities
  • Deal due diligence and risk assessment
  • Investment evaluation with strategic options
  • Turnaround and growth strategy for portfolio companies
  • Management restructuring and leadership recruitment for portfolio companies


We work with clients in the education, healthcare, and sustainability sectors, to help investors identify risks in transactions. We enable our clients to make informed strategic decisions during and after deal negotiations.


We assist buy-side and sell-side clients in identifying and evaluating potential synergies with the other partner. We further assist in negotiations and financial modelling of the transaction (including in education-sector valuations). On the buy-side for education transactions, we help our clients in evaluating potential deals through business due diligence, which focuses on regulatory, financial, commercial, operational and strategic aspects of the deal.