Schools Schools The Hearth’s endeavour is to enable schools to assist their students in meeting the academic, social, cultural, and economic challenges that will face them. It interacts with new and existing institutions to develop solutions that are relevant for their region and social context. VIEW DETAILS Universities Universities The Hearth’s work in higher education ranges from enhancing existing universities and colleges, to assisting the establishment of new higher education institutions. It develops world-class institutions that offer excellence in academics and teaching; research, development and dissemination of knowledge; and that contribute to the cultural, scientific, and civic life of society. VIEW DETAILS Curriculum & Training Curriculum & Training The Hearth develops and implements world-class professional development programmes, which are rooted in scientifically-based best practices that result in high quality teaching and learning. The programmes are responsive to regional and cultural contexts, conditions and resources. It also develops course materials, curricula, and academic structures for schools and universities. VIEW DETAILS Pani, Pahar: The Water Curriculum Pani, Pahar: The Water Curriculum The University of Cambridge & The Hearth Education Advisors have jointly developed a water curriculum, which is available FREE to schools and others who may be interested in the materials. VIEW DETAILS Ed-Tech & Med-Tech Ed-Tech and Med-Tech The Hearth has developed a reputation for identifying and bringing to market innovation that works. It identifies leading education and medical technologies that address critical areas within their systems, from unique forms of instructional delivery and online learning to data management and accountability tools. The Hearth advises investors as well as technology companies. VIEW DETAILS Healthcare Healthcare The Hearth’s healthcare practice was set up in 2016 following an increasing demand from clients in the medical and healthcare areas who were facing similar challenges and demands to that of education. The Healthcare Division specializes in assisting companies in the life sciences and healthcare industry to grow and enter new markets. VIEW DETAILS Strategy & Operations Strategy & Operations The Hearth has worked with prominent investors and has earned a reputation of bringing new perspectives and insights. It has worked on both sides of the deal flows and understands the special nature of transactions in these sectors. The Hearth is able to draw critical strategic insights into the growth prospects of businesses, as well as enhancing operational effectiveness of the organisations. VIEW DETAILS
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