Early Years Curriculum

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Early Years Curriculum


The Hearth’s Early Years Curriculum is contemporary, progressive and thoroughly researched. The curriculum brings together expert knowledge, flexible worksheets, innovative and detailed lesson plans, planning tools, thorough guidelines for classroom design and management, and relevant contemporary contextualisation for schools that seek to give their young children a strong start. With this curriculum, early years/pre-primary teachers have access to all the information they need, as well as a wealth of ideas and detailed instructions for creating and finding more resources.


The content, structure, and processes are designed through a progressive lens: environmental awareness and protection; diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, abilities, personalities and orientations; citizenship and responsibility for oneself and others; varied, local, imaginative, and pertinent contemporary literature for children; interdisciplinarity; outward inquisitiveness and awareness alongside local respect and knowledge; and continually advancing students’ abilities to communicate, investigate, create, and synthesise are integral throughout the curriculum.


This curriculum opens a myriad of opportunities for exploration, growth, sharing, relationship building, and skill development in both the children and the teachers. This curriculum guides teachers to develop a strong sense of structure and direction while maintaining as its foundation the specificity and individuality of a classroom or context. Full plans are given for when a teacher chooses or needs simply to follow one, and they are accompanied by additions and variations to encourage adaptation according to students’ abilities, backgrounds, the local context, and the resources available.


The curriculum is designed to be low-resource, such that it remains accessible and adaptable for most schools. It is ready-to-use and is available as a set of seven books, including the philosophy of the curriculum, teacher guides, detailed lesson plans and ideas, and substantial worksheets.