Urban and Cultural Rejuvenation

Education for a Better World

Urban and Cultural Rejuvenation

The Hearth believes that education plays a crucial role in creating a better, more sustainable world.


Schools and universities, particularly in urban areas, exist in an ecosystem of museums, performing arts centres, arts districts, and other cultural activities that are used to promote and revitalise cities. While a significant body of literature examines revitalisation strategies that focus primarily around entertainment and commerce, the empirical body of research that explicitly investigates the role of cultural policies in urban redevelopment is still growing. The Hearth, therefore, examines issues of urban decline and looks at strategies for urban regeneration and the need for multidisciplinary management.


The Hearth investigates the characteristics of culture-led urban renewal as a tool for realising socio-economic revival and civic identity, with a focus on the role that educational institutions in urban areas can play.


Utilising research for rejuvenation, we believe that the better protection and utilisation of historical and cultural heritage sites, objects, and practices (especially intangible aspects of cultural heritage) based on research can impact urban planning and design. Through working in this applied field with interdisciplinary cooperation, we can bring new vitality to urban development.


To understand the enablers of art and culture-driven economic growth, The Hearth has studied the best practices of some thriving international and Indian cities. We use this research evidence to help guide educational institutions in urban areas to better integrate with their urban ecosystem and to be part of urban rejuvenation.