Workshops and Training

Education for a Better World

Workshops and Training

The Hearth develops and implements world-class training and skill development programmes, rooted in scientifically-based best practices that result in high-quality outcomes, which are responsive to regional and cultural contexts, conditions and resources. A key focus is the professional development of school teachers.


While most of our programmes are focussed on teachers, practitioners and leaders in K12 schools, we also offer courses for professionals working in various other educational settings.


In our programmes and courses, we work with fellow professionals to enhance their understanding, skills and confidence regarding:

  • Supporting students’ positive engagement in learning
  • Working as a reflective practitioner
  • Collaborating with colleagues to support professional learning


The focus areas allow us to:

  • Enhance the pedagogical dimensions and innovations in teaching
  • Update and reassess content knowledge
  • Provide an understanding of new developments in education
  • Equip practitioners with new skills and competencies in response to changing societal needs and demands
  • Enable reflective practice of the teaching-learning process, including classroom and school management skills
  • Enhance teacher effectiveness through research enabled learning
  • Build awareness and skills in a broad and deep range of learning activities, for adults and school students