Policy and Developmental Research

Education for a Better World

Policy and Developmental Research


The Hearth believes that education plays a crucial role in creating a better, more sustainable world.


There are several innovations and experimental models of education that are worth emulating, learning from, replicating and scaling. The essential questions are ‘what works, in what context, and how to scale what works.’ To answer these questions and thereby guide policy and practice, we carry out extensive primary and secondary research and explore case studies of experiments that may serve as models to be replicated and scaled.


In the most impoverished areas around the world, people are looking for solutions to solve the problems of pollution, poverty, access to clean water and gender inequality. The Hearth not only conducts in-depth research within these areas of study but also conceptualises ways in which existing programmes and schemes can be scaled and replicated to have large-scale impacts. For example, one of our ongoing projects relates to the potential impact that education and empowerment of women can have on the climate change agenda.


There are other strategic development priorities, for many of which we research and prepare case studies to provide a deeper understanding of existing initiatives, and thereby to create models that educational institutions we work with can learn from.


The Hearth also seeks to utilise this research to achieve the overarching aims and objectives of developmental, create meaningful impact, improvements and shifts within the sustainable development agenda.