Healthcare and Med-Tech

Education for a Better World


The Healthcare Division specialises in assisting companies in the life sciences and healthcare industry to grow and enter new markets. The Hearth provides advisory services in:

  • Business development and growth
  • Commercialisation of product/services, go-to-market strategy and implementation, regulatory process, and local product/service adaptation.


We work with investors across Europe, Asia and the Americas who specialise in healthcare and education, understanding the investor and company needs, matching smart growth funds to the right portfolio companies. The Hearth has developed a reputation for identifying and bringing to market innovation that works. It identifies leading medical technologies that address critical areas within their systems. We advise investors as well as technology companies and has previously focused on companies and investors relating to AI-powered online professional training in the medical space.


A reason for the success of the Hearthʼs approach to design and innovation is its process, Design Thinking. Our Design Thinking is about having an intentional process to get to new, relevant solutions that create a positive impact. It is a process for transforming difficult challenges into opportunities for medical innovation, using appropriate technologies in appropriate contexts for proper outcomes. The process is collaborative and benefits significantly from the views of multiple perspectives. Key to the process is experimentation: bringing ideas to life. Building prototypes means making ideas tangible, learning while building them and sharing them with other people in the process.