Educational Planning and Management

Education for a Better World


The Hearth enables educational institutions (schools and universities) to assist their students in meeting the academic, social, cultural, and economic challenges that will face them. We work with new and existing institutions to develop solutions that are relevant to their region and social context. For existing institutions, the different approaches used to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the school/university, reduce barriers that may hinder communication internally and externally, improve quality and develop plans for training consistent with the needs of the context. We also advise on the strategic educational planning, pre-operational design, management and operational roll-out of new institutions. Our work has included Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities and other specialised institutes.


Our Approach

Many educational institutions being built are unsuited to the changing future pedagogy, curriculum and learner expectations that can already be anticipated. The world that schools are being designed for is changing, propelled by some powerful drivers. Globally, new pedagogies are emerging. STEM and ICT have been catalysts for change and key tools to bring about changes in learning. We use a process, Educational Institution Design Thinking, that enables the creation of leading learning communities for the future, where the educational institutions are dynamic, adaptive, self-organising systems, not only capable but inherently designed to renew themselves and to grow and change.


Our work, with both new and existing institutions, tries to address the following questions:

  • How might we create high performing learning experiences?
  • How might we (re)design our approach to infrastructure and architectural design, curriculum development and delivery to centre on the needs and desires of our teachers and students?