Regulatory and Policy Research

Education for a Better World

The Hearth advises and helps our clients develop policies that are designed to maintain regulatory compliance and establish procedural guidelines. We believe that institutions that proactively monitor policy initiatives and proposed regulations are better prepared to adapt their processes and initiate the action items required to comply with them or express concerns over the policies and regulations that may negatively affect their institution. As a trusted partner for clients, we deliver to the highest quality standards and always strive to exceed expectations.


Navigating the modern policy environment requires an integrated approach and an expert understanding of the regulatory process. The Hearth provides a comprehensive range of regulatory and policy services to develop regulatory analyses, processes, and methodologies to assist our clients in following applicable regulations. Our services include regulatory research, reviewing new legislation, analysing regulatory issues and options and helping define regulatory alternatives. We support the development of proposed and final implementation plans, communications strategies, training and outreach programmes, and retrospective analyses of existing rules.


We have worked with regulators, governmental and inter-governmental agencies in different parts of the world. This experience, particularly in education, gives us the ability to deliver usable and insightful advice to our clients.