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21 November 2023 (Tuesday), 7pm

Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

“Diversifying Paths to Financial Inclusion: Rethinking Finance for All”

Diversifying Paths to Financial Inclusion: Rethinking Finance for All unravels the pathways towards economic empowerment. Rather than focus on a single point of intervention, the discussion will explore the intricate mechanisms that must harmonise to foster stable, sustainable, and inclusive financial models for economic empowerment and greater financial literacy. The audience is invited to consider the implications of accepting alternative mechanisms for improving financial access, the cause and effect of market failures underlying the mainstream financial models, and their consequences on long-term industry policies, practices, and theories.


Shobhini Mukerji (Executive Director, J-PAL)

Ajay Srivastava (Managing Director, Dimensions Consulting)

Dr Rajat Kathuria (Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Shiv Nadar University)

Smita Mankad (Social Entrepreneur and Independent Director)


Shashank Vira (Managing Director, Hearth Advisors Group)


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