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20 February 2024 (Tuesday), 7pm

Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Fashion’s Metamorphosis: From Fast to Ethical

Within the fashion industry, the concept of sustainability has become contentious, so much so that a few brands have decided to eschew the term from their vocabulary altogether. Moreover, studies have shown that even our genuine efforts to embrace sustainability have had an insignificant if any, impact on the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions.

So, what comes next? Alerting consumers of the ever-increasing dangers of fast fashion and relying on them to pay more for products claiming to be “sustainable” while simultaneously pursuing relentless growth and perpetuating constant trends hasn’t worked. A different approach is needed. The question, however, remains- is it possible to move away from fast fashion without incurring the drastic economic and social costs of slowing down an industry as vast and prolific as the fashion industry?


Karishma Shahani-Khan (Founder, clothing label Ka-Sha, and Founder, Heart-to-Haat movement)

Mankiran Dhillon (Head of Strategy and Content, Fashion Revolution India)

Amrish Kumar (CEO, Ritu Kumar)

Ishani Behl (Founder & CEO, Sustainr)


Vidyun Singh (Founder Partner and Creative Head, Future Collective)


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