The Hearth Education Advisors is a leading consulting firm based between Europe and Asia, with offices in London and New Delhi. From its origins as a consortium of reputed professionals with expertise and passion for education, the Hearth has grown into a flexible and broad education consulting practice that delivers operational advice and innovative, research-led thinking.


The Hearth has a unique network of Senior Advisors who give the firm the ability to work in a very diverse range of geographies and education segments with minimum overheads. The Hearth believes that it is vital for consultants to remain engaged in their respective professions, so that they remain current in their area of speciality. This structure ensures that clients of the Hearth receive outstanding advice and recommendations that are relevant to their unique situation and are based on operational experience and the latest research.


The Hearth has also launched a series of retail and institutional products that enhance individual and institutional education delivery, through the services of leading international experts. These products can be found on our Education Market Place – SchoolHaat.



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